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Friday, May 23, 2008

Pad Thai & How to make it

Pad Thai (ผัดไท)- fried rice noodles with peanuts, egg, tofu and beansprouts. A slice of Lime is served alongside this, perhaps the most beloved dish of all Thai food recipes with "Farang" visitors to Thailand. The noodles are fried with dried shrimps, egg and tofu (you can add meat if you like, or leave it vegetarian); - the fresh crunchy raw beansprouts are then added to it at the end, along with the slice of Lime, which lends a succulent contrast to the sweetness of the ground peanuts and sugar added to the wok (called "Grata" in Thai) whilst stir-frying.
There are about as many different versions and ways of making Pad Thai, as there are noodle stalls in Thailand; Each and every cook seems to have his or her own particular method. The most delicious Pad Thai I personally have ever eaten, was in Ban Thai village on Koh Pangan Island in the Gulf of Thailand, close by to the now massive Package tourist destination, Koh Samui. The owner of the shop was calle "Oe", and she used Thao Hu Yee to lend a red colour to the sticky-sweet red noodles that she would serve rolled up in a spiral on the plate with cucumber slices, banana flower, spring onion shoots, and a slice of fresh Lime to squeeze over the noodles and balance out that sticky-sweetness. The "Special" version of Pad Thai is "Pad Thai Hor Khai (ผัดไทห่อไข่).

Pad Thai Hor Khai - ผัดไทยห่อไข่

Recipe No.1 Pad Thai Kung Sodh - fresh shrimp Pad Thai

flat white rice noodles (454 grams, one sachet.) ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเส้นเล็ก (454 กรัม) 1 ห่อ
Fresh Prawns (10) กุ้งสด 10 ตัวDried Shrimp - 1/2 Cup กุ้งแห้ง ½ ถ้วย
roasted peanuts (home roasted in the Grata) - 1/2 Cup ถั่วลิสงคั่ว ½ ถ้วย
4 Eggs ไข่ไก่ 4 ฟอง
Solid Tofu chopped into cubes - 1 Cup เต้าหู้แข็งหั่นชิ้นเล็ก 1 ถ้วย
1 red Schalotte onion หัวหอมแดง 1 หัว
1/4 Cup of Salted Hua Chai Poe (หัวไชโป๊เค็ม)
3 cloves of Garlic กระเทียม 3 กลีบ
Fresh Beansprouts - 300 grams ถั่วงอกสด 300 กรัม
Guy Chay leaf - 200 grams ใบกุ่ยช่าย 200 กรัม
1/4 Cup vegetable oil/Soya oil น้ำมันสำหรับทอด 1/3 ถ้วย
1 Cup of the flavouring sauce - น้ำซอสปรุงรส 1 ถ้วย
Flavouring Sauce;
Tamarind juice - 6 tablespoons น้ำมะขามเปียก 6 ช้อนโต๊ะ
Tomato sauce - 4 tablespoons ซอสมะเขือเทศ 4 ช้อนโต๊ะ
Light Soya sauce - 2 tablespoons ซีอิ้วขาว 2 ช้อนโต๊ะ
Sugar - 2 tablespoons น้ำตาลทราย 2 ช้อนโต๊ะ
Raw sugar paste 3 tablespoons น้ำตาลปี๊ป 3 ช้อนโต๊ะ
1/2 teaspoon salt เกลือป่น ½ ช้อนชา
dried chilli powder - 1 teaspoon พริกป่น 1 ช้อนชา

Below is a video of how to make pad thai in english

Joy's Thai Food

Different Noodle Varieties

Pad Thai can be made using any of the many variations of Noodles that come in all shapes, textures and sizes in Thailand;

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