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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fried country style Frog

ผัดเผ็ดกบ Pad Ped Gop (fried Frog country style with green peppercorns)

Phad Ped is one of my favourite dishes.. when i lived in Hua Hin i knew this place on a street hawker stall that made the best fried frog Phad Ped i have ever tatsed.. he wopuld fry the frog first to make it crispy before chopping it up and frying again with the mixture. The recipe below uses the traditional method of simple stir frying - this is classic game food - which we call "Aharn Pha" in Thailand (translates literally as "food jungle" - meaning "jungle food" or "forest food". This is because of the use of wild freshly caught game such as frog, wild chicken, squirrel or bird etc as main ingredient. The curry mixes will use also some ingredients which are or were originally found in the wild (such as grachaay and bai kaprao) and will have a mor defty taste and aroma than the regular curries. Prik Gaeng Pha (jungle curry) is almost like Prik Gaeng Ped (red curry paste), except it has what we might call a more wholegrain kind of mix to it. The red Prik gaeng Pha paste has visibly noticeable chilli seeds in it as well as a strong scent of grachaay, whereas the normal red curry paste will be smoother and milder. If you have never tried frog meat you are in for a treat it is something like chicken breast with a more delicate taste to it.

◊ Frog Meat
◊ Makhuea Bro (green baby eggplant)
◊ Grachaay (Boesenbergia Rotunda)
◊ Prik Thai Awn (green peppercorns)
◊ Dry Chillis
◊ Hom Daeng (Schallots)
◊ Takrai (Lemon Grass)
◊ Bai makrud (Kaffir Lime Leaves)
◊ Gratiam (Garlic)
◊ Bai Kapraw (Hot Basil)

Preparation Method

Pound the chillis first along, lemongrass, schallots and garlic.

Mince the frog meat before you start to fry this and keep it handy on the side.

Slice the kaffir lime leaves finely, leave the green peppercorns as they are; just separate the seeds from the twig and place aside with the remaining vegetables.

Put the chillis in the grata (wok), and fry them.

Add seasoning to taste (msg, fish sauce, sugar if you like it sweeter).

put the frogmeat in and sautee until cooked through.

add the eggplant, grachaay, green peppercorns, kaffir lime leaves and hot basil, and lower the heat, stirring whilst frying.

Here's what the finished product should look like;

thanks to Chef Bonita and Kruaglaibaan website for pics.

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